KAMA to launch new job manager tool

KAMA is set to launch a new job manager tool that is designed to address network integration and communication between the machines and IT systems.

The job manager tool receives all available job data from the pre-press department – print pdf, number of sheets, substrate, tools – and saves them together with the machine settings.

The Job Manager then calculates the SBU settings and optimum foil feed and sends them to the machine.

While the job is running, the Job Manager collects all relevant data from the machines and transmits them to the MIS in real time, e.g. good and waste sheets.

Between the customers central IT Network and the KAMA machines a work station will provide data exchange.

Additionally, KAMA’s UK distributor Friedheim will be taking a handful of UK customers to join printers from across the UK to take part in the KAMA Application Days open house, 18-21 June.

KAMA are keen to introduce their version of Print 4.0 into the UK market and have split the open house into two quite different yet high connected commercial finishing and packaging industries.

They will present visitors with the entire range of machinery with sophisticated demonstrations for commercial finishing, specifically the fully equipped ProCut 76 FOIL die-cutter with foiling module in-line with the ProFold 74 folder gluer for folding, gluing and dispensing.

The second focus is the applications for packaging industry, this with the new folder gluer for folded cartons KAMA FF 52i which received the EDP Award as the “best folding carton solution” in 2017, also in-line with another ProCut 76 FOIL.

KAMA will be demonstrating the fast changeover between different folding carton formats – suited to digitally printed packaging.

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