Peruvian drinks firm achieves energy savings with Sidel kit

Peruvian company Industrias San Miguel (ISM) is recording energy savings using Sidel Matrix Combi bottling lines.

The company has seven lines producing PET bottles, five of which are equipped with blow moulding machines supplied by Sidel.

The Sidel Matrix Combi is enabling bottling still water and flavoured water at a rate of 36,000 bottles per hour in the company’s Dominican factory.

The energy savings of around 8% achieved by the new line  are due to the greater efficiency of the integrated Sidel Matrix blower and the packaging lightweighting solutions proposed by Sidel.

The Sidel Matrix blower offers 200 possible configurations to precisely fit all production needs; it also manages to reduce the consumption of electricity, air and materials as well as downtime. Featuring a minimal environmental footprint, the Sidel Matrix blower with its patented ECO oven technology offers the best oven efficiency on the market, reducing preform heating time, requiring fewer heating modules and lamps and thereby cutting electrical consumption by up to 45%. Furthermore, savings in compressed air of up to 30% are possible.

Angel Idone, innovation and engineering specialist at ISM, said: “Since 2005, we have been acquiring Sidel blow moulding equipment. With the blow moulding of PET bottles being the most energy-intensive process within the whole production line, they have helped us generate considerable savings over the years. The high uptime of Sidel equipment also enables us to achieve greater efficiency from the production lines in which it is installed. Moreover, Sidel has helped us reduce our bottles’ weight, that’s why we have further minimised our TCO, which is key for our results.”

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