Luxury gifting on the rise claims survey

A survey commissioned by API has indicated that the luxury gifting category is on the up.

The research surveyed 250 senior decision makers within the creative and marketing industries and was gathered by 72 Point. It found that 60% of brand manages said that the category offers a “significant opportunity in the upcoming development of their product portfolios.
In addition, 73% believed that a gift offering is either an important or very important part of a product portfolio. However, only 43% have introduced a gifting element to their range of products.
API creative development manager David Peters said: “Traditionally the promotional category of gifting is associated with seasonal promotions and the travel retail space. However, over the last few years we have seen more and more brands investing in gifting to provide a point of difference across a range of retail environments throughout the year.
“For brands, presentation is key. Through the power of design, packaging items can become keepsakes in themselves, and can significantly increase the brand’s reach on social media, as consumers share gifted items online when its packaging is visually unique and exciting.”

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