Corrugated: Retail Ready and Point of Sale winner | UK Packaging Awards 2015

The winner was announced at the UK Packaging Awards 2015 ceremony.

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Saica Pack – Kellogg push RRP

In addition to its enticing on shelf appeal, the practical benefits of this cost-saving solution made a stand out in this category. The customer historically packed their product in 10 count cases within their production plant. They then shipped cases to a co- packer to put the cartons into 5 count high quality printed sleeves which was then shrink wrapped.

The revised pack was designed to help streamline the supply chain which then reduced the packaging costs. The first step was to develop a case or sleeve which could be erected at the manufactures production plant with a 5 count without having to make any major changes to the packing machinery.

The solution was to use and adapted Saica Innovation Product PUSH. This pack is used to dispense products from the outer to the supermarket shelf in one operation and was the perfect solution for this product.

A die cut case was developed which worked with the current packaging machines, this has vacated the need for a separate operation in a co- packer and significantly reduced the operational costs for Kellogg’s whilst also making the product much easier to dispense at the supermarket front line.

This was an extremely successful solution and has now been rolled out over 5 product lines.



DS Smith Packaging, Louth – Optishop Ramp Pack

The judges loved the idea of this pack which features an integral ramp, activated when the case is opened in store, which self-presents the primary packs to the front of the case at all times, ensuring maximum visibility, shoppability and availability for the consumer.

Specially developed opening instructions provide a clear guide to the unique activation method. As the top is removed, the ramp is automatically activated.

The ramp is reinforced through a back-folded section of board glued into place during the multi point glued manufacturing process, which ensures correct activation despite the rigours of the chilled supply chain.

The shoulders & shaped front lip are specifically designed to capture the primary packs once the ramp has been activated, whilst maximising primary pack visibility and disruption on shelf.

The use of specialist perforation technology enables the pack to be opened quickly and intuitively. Display edges are neat and clean with minimal residual perforations.

The iconic Saucy Fish Co. logo in white-out text from a black background along with a powerful strapline ensures shelf stand-out that demands attention from the consumer.



Swanline Print – Christmas Beer Advent Calendar

Just missing out on the top award was Swanline Print for its Christmas Beer Advent Calendar. Judges noted that it was fun and innovative design as well as being perfect for beer-lovers over the festive season.



  • DS Smith Packaging, Louth– Flip Top RRP
  • DS Smith Packaging, Louth – Optishop Ramp Pack
  • SAICA Pack – Kellogg push RRP
  • SAICA Pack – Upham Brewery – Three Bottle Gift Pack
  • Smurfit Kappa – PepsiCo (Walkers) Doritos ‘Score and Win’ POS Display
  • Smurfit Kappa – PepsiCo (Walkers) Mixups POS Display
  • Swanline Print – Christmas Beer Advent Calendar


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