Glass Pack of the Year – Everyday | UK Packaging Awards 2015

The Glass Pack of the Year – Everyday winner was announced at the UK Packaging Awards 2015 ceremony.

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British Glass


Ardagh – Harrogate Spring Water

This Harrogate Spring Water bottle is an evolution of the original, award winning embossed design created by Ardagh when it helped the company to launch its first products in 2002.

Ardagh’s designers used Harrogate’s classic architecture as inspiration for the striking diamond design, reflecting the enduring premium nature of the brand, as well as the high quality of water inside each bottle.

The bottle’s diamonds disperse light to create a fresh, sparkling effect. The elegant bottle is guaranteed to attract new and existing customers to buy across the range.

“It has a unique, ownable shape that would stand out on a table,” said one of the several impressed judges. When filled, a particular feature of the bottles is the diamond facets being enhanced as light refracts to bring the bottle to life. This interesting design feature represents an effective means of interacting and engaging the consumer with the packaging.

Both the new branding and bottle design reflect Harrogate Spring Water’s rich history. Whilst retaining its distinguished colour palette of black, white and silver the new labels introduce classic typography from Harrogate’s elegant heyday and combine subtle art deco and Middle-Eastern background patterns inspired by the town’s illustrious past.



Allied Glass Containers – Glen’s Vodka

These bottles were created following research revealing that: existing customers enjoy Glen’s at home but if going to a party the low quality image of the bottle meant they were likely to switch to a more premium brand; and student consumers were found to leave the brand when they moved into their first job. Both of these dynamics presented growth opportunities for Glen’s.

Therefore, the challenge was to rejuvenate Glen’s without alienating core consumer groups.

The existing bottle was reviewed to ascertain if refreshed labels would suffice, the original one not having been updated for over ten years.

However, research indicated that consumers supported a move to a new, embossed, more contemporary bottle, with much more attractive lines which provided the opportunity to develop more impactful label designs.

It was also evident that a premium line extension, with a distinct product and pack design, would be possible for the Glen’s brand. This resulted in the birth of Glen’s Platinum, positioned some 20% higher than Glen’s Red. Both are eye-catching bottles and which judges agreed would be welcome and popular at even the most stylish of parties.


  • Allied Glass Containers – Glen’s Vodka
  • Ardagh – Harrogate Spring Water
  • Beatson Clark – 250ml Jim Beam Sauce Bottle
  • Stoelzle Glass Group – Kenzo Jeu d’Amour edt

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