International Sourcing Award winner | UK Packaging Awards 2015

The International Sourcing Award winner was announced at the UK Packaging Awards 2015 ceremony.


The Silver Crane Company – M&S Xmas Eve Tin

The brief was to develop the next entry in a long line of innovative and unique biscuit tins for M&S, solidifying their position as the ultimate destination for excitement at Christmas. The judges certainly felt that this was achieved describing the pack as “Tins being taken to the next level,” and “Great seasonal packaging.”

The Silver Crane Company took a D shape as the template and added a unique twist on a classic format by incorporating a special feature in the heart of the tin – a complete additional tin. By cleverly forming a hole going through both lid and body, and then suspending a Christmas ball tin within it, they created eye catching interactive and decorative appeal all at once, in a way that had never been done before.

This was all achieved with a premium flush join of lid and body, all the more technically challenging on account of the unique structure of the tin.

Indeed, the various complications were considerable…they needed to ensure that the ball tin could be assembled into the D tin easily in production, and that it would attach neatly and safely, whilst being able to spin smoothly. They also needed to ensure consistency in angle throughout the production run, and that the artwork on the tin ball itself did not distort (a challenge in itself on account of the deep draw on such a tin shape).

The print was similarly difficult. The artwork featured deep textured purples as well as soft blues and whites, all produced out of CMYK, and on a metallic substrate (with a printed rather than coated white). This made it tremendously difficult to maintain a good overall balance between punchiness in some parts and softness in others, as well as consistency across tinplate sheets.

Impactful and eye-catching, capturing attention at a keen price point, the finished product achieved everything that the brief required by demonstrating innovation and excitement for M&S at Christmas, in a completely unique fashion.



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