Councillor to call for Edinburgh plastic bag ban: reports

A Scottish Green Party councillor is set to call on Edinburgh council to ban plastic bags from the city and roll out a scheme for reusable bags.

On Thursday, Alison Johnstone will ask the council to roll out a scheme where shops offer canvas bags that also act as a customer loyalty card, according to the Guardian.

Shops in Leith, Marchmont, Sciennes, Tollcross and Bruntsfield already run a scheme that rewards customers for reusing the bags.

Johnstone has teamed up with Gordon Millar who is driving the campaign and runs the Ban Plastic Bags Edinburgh campaign.

The campaign comes after plastics packaging bodies supported a legal challenge against a ban on plastic bags in Italy that is said to contravene European law.

The Welsh government is set to introduce a levy on carrier bags from October.

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  1. This is becoming more and more popular with lots of cities and towns following suit. I suspect they will campaign to do this in other major cities of Scotland too.

  2. Unfortunately for those who wish to see charges for plastic bags introduced in Scotland, they will have to adhere to the Law. The subject of charging for plastic carrier bags is included within the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill 2009 and section 59 of the Bill (charging for carrier bags) is subject to a 90 day \Super Affirmitive\ procedure. Yet more taxpayers money wasted on a further full consultation to introduce a plastic bag charge, which has already been, and rejected, by two parliamentary committees. Both committees (ERDC and RAEC) which included the Green Party, unanimously rejected the introduction of charges in Scotland when the full facts of the unintended consequences of such a move were scrutinised. Councillor Johnstone has been bumping her gums about this subject for years but when presented with the \cradle to grave\ facts and figures she is totally lost and unable to sustain her argument.