UK firms could be a step ahead of Plastics Pact

Lorax Compliance COO says businesses already pay towards global recycling but applauds UK Plastics Pact.

Michelle Carvell, chief operating officer, Lorax Compliance, has expressed her support for the UK Plastics Pact while pointing out that firms have already been making a significant contribution towards international recycling.

“What most consumers don’t know is that businesses already pay large fees to fund the recycling programmes which recover the products they place on the market for reuse,” said Carvell. “However, we are delighted to see firms take the lead in setting accountable waste reduction targets. The Plastics Pact launch represents a key step towards a circular model of waste management, which is also being supported by legislation within the EU’s Circular Economy package.

“The industry-wide commitment to remove single-use plastic packaging from the supply chain by 2025 is an ambitious target. It has the potential to drive consumer engagement and deliver behavioural change, particularly with regards to raising the UK’s recycling output. Engaging consumers to make smarter decisions about the waste they create is critical to the future of waste prevention and reduction.”

Michelle Carvell, chief operating officer, Lorax Compliance

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