UK Packaging Awards 2017 | Winners: Aerosol Pack of the Year

The UK Packaging Awards 2017 winners in the Aerosol Pack category

Sponsored by the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA)


Ball Corporation – Henkel Fa Men ‘Cool Me Up’ Body Spray in ReAl

Ball Corp Aeroso of the year

The Henkel Fa Men ‘Cool Me Up’ body spray in ReAl is a limited edition product released for Summer 2017. It targets young men and was designed to convey a feeling of cool and refreshing.

The ReAl can utilizes a proprietary aluminum alloy developed by Ball that allows the lightweighting of its impact extruded aerosol cans by 20 percent. This equates to an approximate product carbon footprint reduction of 18 percent for the 150-milliliter aerosol can used for this body spray when compared to a standard can.

The ReAl can is created using a Ball-produced slug that includes recycled aluminum, which changes the alloy and allows Ball to lightweight the can. Ball’s partnership with Henkel to lightweight their can using ReAl technology brings significant environmental benefits to the customer while providing the same can performance.


“A good looking container with great environmental credentials due to innovative use of recycled aluminium. Both facets will no doubt give it appeal to the targeted young male consumer”


  • Ball Corporation – Henkel Fa Men ‘Cool Me Up’ Body Spray in ReAI
  • CRC Industries UK – Perma-Lock
  • Ball Corporation – Ball Branded Matte & Gloss Can
  • Ball Corporation – Ball Branded Tactile Can

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