UK Packaging Awards 2017 | Winner: Consumer Convenience Award

The UK Packaging Awards 2017 winner in the Consumer Convenience category

Sponsored by the Foodservice Packaging Association



Euro Packaging UK – Pinch Pull Plus


Throughout the majority of fresh produce areas in supermarkets, customers are presented with a free issue, lightweight polythene bag to pack their produce into. These are supplied in multiple formats, but typically are either bags on a roll, or bags in a stack. Due to their necessity and minimal use of material, these type of ‘produce bags’ are exempt from carrier bag levies, so where possible, retailers are looking at ways to provide effective dispensing solutions which minimise bag waste, control costs and provide a better customer experience. Typically, historic produce bag systems did not effectively achieve this, and particularly failed to offer an effective means of bag selection and openability for the end user.

The Pinch Pull Plus produce bag system provides a solution to these problems by enabling a robust, single, self-opening bag selection means to the end user. Incorporating a simple, easy replenishment corrugated dispenser box (which also provides usage instructions), this patented system has been designed to enable robust, single bag selection via the simple pinch and pull of the handle of each bag, which is clearly presented through a dedicated opening on the front of the dispenser box.

As each single bag is selected and removed from the box, the design of the stack is such that the alternative handle of the next bag in the stack is pulled forwards and through the box opening, whereby enough friction breaks the bond between the bags to ensure that only one bag at a time is removed. This handle then creates a picking means for the next customer. Furthermore, via this handle dispensing means, the tension created through this localised area of the bag, separates the front and back faces of the bag providing a bag which is already part open on removal.


“Providing unprecedented effective single bag selection, this is a superbly well executed solution resolving a perennial problem for the end user.”



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