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UKPA 2017 company of the year




After narrowly missing out on top spot last year, the metal and glass packaging giant Ardagh picked up the 2017 award for Packaging Company of the Year. And it’s an honour that’s richly deserved; the group demonstrated a hugely impressive set of financial figures and a strong business strategy.

Ardagh has a culture of innovation that permeates all functions, embracing new ideas and technologies to build brand equity for its customers. The company’s innovation programme harnesses the power of a cross-functional team, whose focus is on driving a customer-centric innovation agenda.

Over the period the judges were scrutinising, Ardagh’s UK plants had made huge improvements with significant reductions in CO2 and coating-related VOC emissions. Meanwhile, its four UK glass plants increased recycled content.

The judges were highly impressed and said that it was a “transformational year” for Ardagh.

One judge added: “The fact that Ardagh are achieving strong financial results in the two longest serving packaging formats of glass and metal is exceptional.”

Highly Commended:

Clifton Packaging Group



The runner-up spot goes to Clifton Packaging Group, considered to be one of the fastest growing complete flexible packaging companies in the UK and one of the most talked about due to its growth and continuous, leading innovations.

One impressed judge said: “Clifton goes from strength to strength year in year out. The last year’s achievements are even more impressive on the industry leading performance of prior years.”



Clifton Packaging Group

Woodway UK