Pallets MD wants stronger plastics recycling message

The managing director of Goplasticpallets has warned that consumers and businesses are getting confusing messages on recycling.

Jim Hardisty said that media reports on plastic pollution and conflicting reports on the success rates of recycling creates confusion for both consumers and businesses.

“Consumers and businesses want to dispose of plastics properly but need to be assured their recycling is beneficial,” he said. “We supply recycled plastic items, giving them a new role as useful, safe and hygienic storage and packaging solutions. They can be used long-term, so this plastic won’t join the masses of single-use items that can’t be recycled and it won’t become an environmental hazard, and can be recycled again at the end of their use.

“This continuous approach or ‘loop’ and a responsible attitude towards plastic use is crucial in steering plastics away from landfill – or worse – the world’s oceans.”

Hardisty  added: “Few of us can say we can’t improve our habits in relation to single-use plastics but it is worrying that people might feel that their efforts to recycle other less avoidable plastics are not doing any good. The UK has a plastic packaging recycling target of 57% by 2020 and while innovators look to make wider use of recycled plastics, I think the greatest incentive to improve recycling rates comes from showing where our efforts are making an impact.”

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