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  • COVERIS | Coveris Performance System – Labels

    Coveris has revealed new investment plans for its UK based labels division as part of a pioneering lean operations strategy. Using the Coveris Performance System (CPS), we are focused on lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and world-class standards. Take a look inside our state-of-the-art labels facilities in our new video.

  • Linerless Labels: More efficient, less waste

    Coveris is celebrating a decade of sustainable success at its Lincolnshire based environmental services facility with the launch of a pioneering new recovery system Recoveris™

  • Freshlife®: Less waste, fresher taste

    As the UK’s leading supplier of packaging to the fresh produce industry, Coveris’ expertise spans the supply chain, from field to fork. Using the latest in food science and technical innovation, Coveris’ high performance packaging solutions deliver benefits at all stages of the supply chain. Targeting extended freshness, enhanced shelf life and reduced waste, Coveris’ unrivalled Freshlife® model supports the ...

  • Why choose Kwikpac?

    KWIKPAC is a well-established, specialist supplier of innovative, quality packaging products and machinery to manufacturers, distributors and retailers throughout the UK.  Our aim is to provide you with solutions for your packing operations in the most cost-effective, efficient way, making your life easier and taking a load off your mind.  From envelopes to pallets, if you can pack it, strap ...

  • PAPERplus® Papillon

  • Kwikpac presents sigmawrap – The new standard in stretch film

    Sigmawrap is the ultimate solution for high volume power pre-stretch film applications. Sigmawrap’s advanced layered technology delivers consistent performance like no other film in the market place. It’s an all round Winning Concept delivering: Outstanding Performance Substantial Waste Reduction Significant Savings Increased Load Stability Increased Stretch Capacity Increased Tension Capability Strength, Stretch and Consistency…all rolled into one amazing product. Most ...